Arizona Landscaping Ideas: Summer Edition

Summer Edition Photo

The heat has arrived in Phoenix and across the Valley, but that’s no reason to throw in the towel on your landscaping this summer! Earthtones Landscape Management has a few great ideas for your yard during these warm months: from creating shaded spaces to customized hardscape, there’s plenty to do and lots of different ways to make your property its best during Arizona’s sizzling summer.

Consider an Irrigation System

There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with dying, yellow grass or wilting leaves, and nothing more costly! If you’ve had problems maintaining your lawn in the past, consider an irrigation system. A series of above and below ground water lines ensures that your lawn stays green and your trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers get the daily water they need. For more information, including maintenance costs and more, contact Earthtones Landscape Management.

Create Shaded Spots to Beat the Heat

No one wants to sit out on their patio or somewhere in their yard without shade: it’s just too hot. Creating a shaded space to beat the heat can be as simple as installing an umbrella or awning, but where’s the fun (or beauty) in that?

Build your own shaded spot by having Earthtones install mature trees like an Indian Laurel or Chinese Elm. Both types of tree have a wide, thick range of cover and grow quite quickly, providing great shade and a wonderful spot to cool off.

Create a Gathering Space with a Custom Hardscape Installation

While you’re busy planting shade trees, consider improving upon your shaded spaces by adding a bench, fire pit or other “hardscaping.” Some neat ideas include patios with built-in stone countertops and a grill, stone walkways/pathways, fountains, backyard bar installations and so much more.

And don’t forget, hardscaping isn’t just for the backyard! Concrete or stone pathways out front make for great curb appeal and can add to your home’s overall value as well.

Don’t Forget to Maintain Your Yard During the Summer

While yard maintenance isn’t necessarily a landscaping idea, good maintenance ensures a long life for your property’s landscaping, so don’t skimp on regular care. If you need help maintaining your yard, take a look at some of the different services offered by Earthtones Landscape Management.

While the heat may be oppressive this summer, your yard doesn’t have to be! Beat the heat with some great landscaping and make this year the year your property gets the facelift it deserves!