Feed the Trees! Deep Watering for your Arizona plants

You may have heard the term deep drip or deep watering before. Well, that’s because it works! “Deep Watering” tree’s promotes deep rooting of trees and shrubs. This allows them to be more prone to surviving drought, and giving you thriving foliage and flowers. Deep watering allows you to water your plants less often, but simply for a longer period of time. For example, instead of watering daily which will keep your plants alive, deep watering is only required once every three days or so for a longer period of time seeing as the water penetrates the surface to get the the “root” of the problem. Water saturates the area allowing for the plant to have more continuous supply, rather than surface water evaporating quickly in the Arizona heat. Give us a call for more details or to set up deep watering for your beautiful landscape!

deep watering

Mesquite Trees


Did you know?
The mesquite tree has the longest roots in the desert.
Some desert plants called phreatophytes have long roots that dig deep into the ground to find water. The mesquite tree has roots longer than those of any other desert plant, reaching lengths of 80 feet, according to Desert USA. Creosote bushes have double root systems that draw water from deep in the ground as well as from rainfall at the surface!

Citrus Tree Fertilization

We are coming upon the season where your citrus trees start to bloom! To get the most out of your citrus tree, it is recommended you fertilize twice;
When you first see the bud of the flower and about 90 days after when the fruit first starts to form. This will enable you to grow a healthy tree bearing more fruit for your spring and summer needs!

lemonadecitrus tree

Aerating Your Lawn!

For a healthy green lawn, don’t forget to Aerate! Aerating your lawn allows for the nutrients and water to be absorbed more easily and for a healthy root growing system for any budding or mature grass. Give us a call today for a quote or to add to your services!

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