Large Ranch Project

We had about a 3 acre area to cleanup from overgrowth on this job. Through the property, we created river beds, a vineyard, and an orchard area. Not only do we have the ability to do smaller residential homes, we also tackle larger properties as well.


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Synthetic Grass, a great option for our hot summers

We all know how hot it gets during our summers here in Phoenix, and we all know that lawns out here take a lot of work. If you’re tired of how much work real grass is, maybe you should consider synthetic grass as an option.

The synthetic grass that we use is made in the US, by Challenger Industries out of Georgia. Their turf has CoolFlo technology, which increases airflow and lowers surface temperature 15-30 degrees, which is essential out here when our temperatures soar over 100 degrees. It is UV stabilized to resist fading from the sun and the blades have a unique “W” blade design to deflect light, reducing sheen. It’s child-friendly and pet safe. This turf is a blend of olive green and field green to make for very realistic looking grass. It’s durable and it doesn’t have to be mowed, watered, or fertilized. That leaves you more time to golf, hike, spend time with family, and other activities. (Did you know that the average homeowner spends 150 hours a year doing lawn maintenance?… What could you do with that extra time?)

Take a look at this job we did for one of our customers

From drab, to green grass!