The Importance of Tree Trimming and Proper Crown Maintenance

Tree Trimming-image-3We all love enjoying the outdoors during the cooler fall months in the Phoenix metro area, and one way to ensure beautiful surroundings at your home or business is to understand the importance of proper tree trimming and crown maintenance (otherwise known as tree pruning). The tips below will apply to popular desert trees in Arizona like the Museum Palo Verde, Sissoo Tree, Blue Palo Verde, Willow Acacia, Ironwood, Vitex and many more.

But before we dig into the importance of tree trimming and crown maintenance in Phoenix, it’s important that we explain the various types of tree trimming and define the word “crown”:

What is a Tree’s Crown?

Simply put, a tree’s crown is its leaf and branch area. This area does not include the trunk of the tree, just all of the visible branches and leaves/blooms.

What is Crown Reduction?

Crown reduction is a type of tree trimming or pruning that reduces the overall size of a tree’s crown. Think of it like a haircut for your tree – it reduces the total volume of branch and leaf content and helps shape the tree’s vegetative growth. In practical terms, a crown reduction may be necessary if you feel like you need better visibility to what lies beyond the tree, if you need to let more light enter a particular area of your yard, or simply want to improve the look or appearance of your tree.

What is Crown Thinning?

Crown thinning is a procedure which involves removing carefully selected branches within the tree’s crown in order to give other branches room to grow. Thinning also removes “tree clutter” or debris like dying branches to ensure healthy growth. This type of tree trimming is especially important for Phoenix-area residents if dead or diseased branches are becoming a problem or potential hazard.

What is Crown Lifting? 

Crown lifting is the process that allows lower branches of a tree to be removed in order to alter its appearance, allow for extra clearance under the tree, or as a mechanism to allow extra light to enter a particular area of your yard. It’s so named because removing the lower branches appears to give the tree’s overall crown a “lift”.

The Importance of Tree Trimming and Crown Maintenance

Now that we’ve defined a few key terms and described various types of crown maintenance we can talk about the overall importance of tree trimming in Arizona.

Firstly, proper tree trimming/crown maintenance/pruning is important to maintaining a safe environment for your family or business. No one wants an accident due to an overburdened tree or dead branches falling and hurting someone or damaging other parts of a home, business or yard. IF you’ve already been affected by falling debris, schedule a one-time yard cleanup from Earthtones Landscape Management.

While maintaining a safe environment for your family or business is important, so is maintaining the health of your tree! A tree that receives regular trimming and maintenance will grow to its fullest potential and have the healthiest blooms/flowers/leaves possible. Removing dead branches promotes growth and looks aesthetically pleasing as well. It’s also important to note that an improperly trimmed or pruned tree can not only be unattractive, but dangerous as well. Without an experienced hand, improper pruning can lead to diseased branches, loose branches, etc., which could potentially cause irreparable damage to the tree and a situation where someone might be hit by a falling branch. Learn more about a regular yard clean-up and maintenance schedule or simply contact Earthtones Landscape Management for more information.

Last, but certainly not least, tree trimming also helps ensure that a property’s value remains as high as possible. After all, it’s more than just a home that determines value. Keeping your landscape’s trees in tip-top shape helps keep your property values high.

Remember, a properly trimmed tree is a happy tree! Be sure to stay tuned to our blog for even more helpful articles on how to properly maintain your yard and get the most out of your landscaping.