Tips for Spring Lawn Care in Phoenix, Arizona


For lawn lovers everywhere, the start of spring is a magical moment! When it comes to Phoenix area lawns, the pros know it’s time to start caring for your dormant Bermuda grass, fertilize your fruit, evergreen and deciduous trees, and plant those summer flowers in order to get the most out of your yard. But where to begin, and what to do? Have no fear, the professional Phoenix landscapers from Earthtones Landscape Management are here to lead you through the process step by step.

  1. Clean up Your Landscaping: The first step to a healthy spring yard is getting it clean and orderly. Many of us neglect keeping up with landscaping during the winter months, so now’s a great time to clean up your yard. Clear broken tree limbs, trim bushes and other foliage, mow your lawn and fix anything that may have broken during these cooler months. Spring is also a great time to begin weeding any flower beds or other areas with foliage or groundcover. April and May tend to be the worst months for weeds as new, unwanted growth gets its first chance at life.
  1. Prepare Your Grass is You’ve Got It: As you may know, many lawns in Phoenix require two types of grass to thrive year-round: Rye and Bermuda. Not so hearty yet resilient to cooler temperatures, Rye makes the perfect winter grass, but doesn’t thrive in hot weather. As spring temperatures increase Rye will begin to wither and fade. Bermuda grass, on the other hand, grows quite well in hot temperatures and is the perfect choice for a spring/summer yard. If your lawn is already seeded, encourage activity with monthly feedings of a nitrogen/phosphorus/potassium-rich fertilizer and inspire a strong root system with frequent deep root penetration watering. If you don’t have Bermuda grass in place, contact Earthtones Landscape Management to see how we can help.
  1. Fertilize Some Trees and Plant Now: After you’ve cleaned up your property and started prepping the Bermuda grass, it’s time to fertilize fruit, evergreen and deciduous trees, and plant certain flowers and groundcover plants like Floss Flowers, Sweet Alyssum, Dahlia, Scarlet Sage and more. When it comes to fruit trees, citrus tend to be the favorite in Arizona thanks to their relatively resilient nature. Purchase a fertilizer specifically for fruit trees and read our post on citrus fertilization to ensure you’re applying the correct amounts. It’s also worth mentioning that if you haven’t planted a citrus yet, now’s a good time to do it!

Many area residents also love the beauty of evergreen and deciduous trees, and spring is the perfect time to fertilize them. A healthy application of Fertilome Tree & Shrub Food around the base of the tree will usually do the trick, and you can apply at the rate of one cup per inch of tree trunk diameter. After application, water the fertilized tree – it’s as simple as that!

These are just a few tips for prepping your lawn and caring for it during spring! If you have any questions or need more information, contact Earthtones Landscape Management today.