5 Tips for Winter Landscaping in Phoenix, Arizona

winter-landscapingUnlike most of the country, Arizona has wonderfully mild winters, and although this year has had its cold spots, we’re still better off than those poor saps out on the east coast! Considering we have this nice weather, let’s take advantage of it by learning 5 important ways to maintain your winter landscaping and prepare for the coming spring season.

  1. Start Thinking About Lawn Care: Many Phoenix residents love to have a lush lawn all year, and if you’re one of those people, it’s time to start thinking about caring for your Bermuda grass. As the winter Rye grass starts to die out as temperatures heat up in late March/early April, the dormant Bermuda grass will start to become active, and you’ll want to encourage this activity with monthly feedings of a nitrogen/phosphorus/potassium-rich fertilizer. Bermuda grass also requires deep root penetration watering, so get those sprinklers ready. If you have an irrigation system, now would be a good time to have it checked by Earthtones Landscape Management to ensure proper functionality.
  1. Plants to Sow: There are plenty of great plants to sow right now, and the end of January and early February are great times to plant summer bulbs, get started on weed prevention with a pre-emergence herbicide, and after the frosts end in mid-February, begin with some fertilization. Some great plants to sow include the African Daisy, a bright, beautiful flower that requires full sun exposure and little water. Carnations are another nice addition. These gorgeous perennials require full sun exposure and regular watering. For an attractive groundcover plant with lovely flowers, consider the Globe Amaranth. This plant is fairly heat tolerant and can stand full sun exposure, but some light shade won’t be a problem, either. It grows to be about 6 inches in height and anywhere from 6-12 inches wide. Occasionally water and you’ll have beautiful winter groundcover with a splash of color.
  1. Tree Pruning: February is a great time to have Earthtones Landscape Management prune your deciduous trees. If you happen to own a Mexican Ebony Tree, Canyon Hackberry, Desert Willow, Texas Honey Mesquite, or any other type of deciduous tree, now is the time to prune for a healthy spring and summer growing season. Be sure to check out our recent blog post for more information about why tree trimming and pruning are so important for the life and health of your trees. By following the previous link you’ll learn all about crown reduction, thinning and lifting, and so much more.
  1. Keep an Eye on Freeze Warnings: The last thing anyone wants is for their plants to die due to an unexpected freeze. In Phoenix (and Arizona in general) temps can drop below freezing well through February, so it’s important to protect you investment. Find out which plants and trees on your property are susceptible to freezes (contact Earthtones Landscape Management to get help with this if you don’t know what type of plants and trees you have) and get them covered. Do not use plastic, as this traps moisture and can damage the plant. Instead, simply use a cotton sheet or burlap sack cloth and make sure the plant is covered all the way to the ground to lock in heat and keep out the frost.
  1. Clean up Your Landscaping: Many of us neglect keeping up with landscaping during the winter months, so now’s a great time to clean up your yard. Clear broken tree limbs, trim bushes and other foliage, mow your lawn and fix anything that may have broken during these cooler months. Keeping a clean property ensures that your home’s value remains intact. As an added bonus, it makes those winter cookouts and get togethers even more enjoyable.

There you have it: 5 great Phoenix winter landscaping tips to keep your yard healthy and beautiful.  If you have any questions or need more information, contact Earthtones Landscape Management today!